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What People Are Saying About Our Online Courses Loved by hundreds of customers around the world!

I have finished two sections of the Sure Thing Commodity Course. The Course is outstanding. It is very clear, concise, understandable and terrifically organized with great attention paid to detail. I love how each presentation is a small tape and the time of each presentation is clearly noted in the table of contents. I am very satisfied with this new method of learning. It is far superior to a live seminar because you can stop and review an area that you do not quite understand as many times as necessary and learn at your own pace, all this with out the hassle of travel. - M. Mitsos   Trader
Have had an opportunity to listen to some of the recordings in the course and the sound quality is excellent. I also downloaded the manual and read it. I thought it brought together the concepts introduced to me over the the past 7 years, quite well, and added some new information. - D. Kane   Student
What a class!!! This is without doubt the best course you've put out. I know, because over the years, I think I've taken all the classes, seminars, and read all the books you've had, including going to yearly up dates in Las Vegas.This is concise and to the point. The ability to go back and review each section is exactly what I needed. Every time, I was able to glean a little more that I had somehow over looked. I was able to understand in a way that is not always allowed at the seminars. - B. Pelfrey   Trader